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POS Devices

POS Devices

Our mission is to provide leading secure payment solutions to customers worldwide.

  • Certified as EMV &PBOC L1&2
  • Certified as CUP Safety
  • In-built 3DES key management security
  • Magnetic and Smart Card Reader 2-in-1
  • SDK for iOS and Android
  • Accept customization, such as Logo, Color, OEM mode

Other Devices

The telescopic vision of Masterline creates more solutions for the world, helping everyone out there which is our prime focus.

So are you out there? alone? lost? and even your phone’s battery drains out.

Relax, don’t worry Masterline’s charging station is the perfect companion for you. Charging station installed at various restaurants and hotels will make sure you never get lost.

Masterline also provides biometric devices for day to day authentication purposes, so no need to carry those heavy documents again.

Other Devices
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